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This lovely piece was taken by our main photographer, Cheyenne Girmscheid, just outside of Juneau, Alaska. We have a variety of size prints and canvases including:

-11"x14" Canvas

-16"x20" Canvas

-18"x24" Canvas

-11"x14" Print

-16"x20" Print


Each photo canvas comes on a sturdy wood frame and a bracket for easy wall hanging. Each print comes on a high quality, glossy paper ready to be placed in a frame. If you're interested in a size that's not listed, send us a request. We are more than happy to look into getting a canvas or print in the size that you desire.

Boating & Buoys - Canvas/Prints

  • We are always willing to work with our customers to make sure they receive excellent service and products, even when things go wrong.

    Returns, Mixups, and Refunds:

    If you are not happy with your product or received the wrong print, feel free to contact us a with an attached photo of the product you received along with a summary of your return request. If you received the wrong prints, we will send you a return label free of charge and send you the correct prints. If you're unhappy with our product or would simply like to return for a refund, we will send you a return label free of charge and refund you as soon as our product has been returned to us. Refunds will not be issued for lost or stolen products. We are open to discuss mailing mishaps and will see what we can do from our end before considering refunds for special circumstances.


    If you're canvas or prints arrived damaged, we would be more than happy to send you a replacement free of charge. Simply email a photo of the damage to We will get one sent your way just as soon as we can.

  • Processing time for prints can take 2-5 business days before being shipped. We will notify you when your orders have been received, when your items have been shipped with the estimated delivery date, if there will be any delays, and when your items have been delivered to your address.

    *Shipping time and costs will vary depending on your address.

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